revving the engines

A lot has changed since the last time I posted here.  Let's name them in chronological order:

  1. Jenn got a job (which explains the unforgivable lull in Blodoq and Sammy)
  2. Jenn got married (congratulations Mike, this chick is now yours for life)
  3. Jenn got pregnant (congratulations World, you are now host to a mini-Jenn)
  4. Jenn had a beautiful baby girl

Cayla is now 4 months old, and I've finally started to establish a rhythm of sorts; a routine, which should and will include Blodoq and Sammy.  I have 2 months of maternity leave left... I am hoping that's enough to finish at least one more book.

As a new mother to a child who seems a little too young to appreciate books, I want to try and create a book that's simpler and vibrant enough that it might catch her attention.  I've been testing out all kinds of books on Cayla, and she seems to respond best to books with high contrast, large, and bold pictures.  I love reading to her, and can't wait until she loves being read to :)

Let's get these creative juices flowing and see what I can come up with <knuckles cracking here>.


Yesterday my boyfriend was making fun of me for wearing my pajamas all day.  But seriously.... what's the big deal?  I mean... I'm unemployed, and I sit in this chair and draw all day.  If I leave the house, THEN I change my clothes (you can't wear your pajamas outside ewie).  But sometimes I don't leave the house.  Sometimes I become so consumed with drawing that I just eat and draw like as if this were my office and I had to sit at my desk for 8 hours until I go home.  So really... truthfully... aren't my pajamas kind of like my work uniform?

He said that even when he's not working (he's a freelancer), *HE* still changes into day clothes.  But that doesn't count 'cause... guys sleep in just boxers and that's that.  So when he gets up, he puts on his comfy clothes: some basketball shorts and a tshirt and VOILA.  "New" clothes.  But I mean.. I wake up and I'm ALREADY in my comfy clothes.  And.. am I supposed to take OFF my comfy clothes to put on other VERY SIMILAR comfy clothes?

I think that society says that the answer to this question is yes.

So.  To appease society.  And do what's "right".  I've changed into what *I* call my "day pajamas".  Which look eerily similar to my "night pajamas".

Y'know what.  It is likely that eventually I will rejoin the world of nine to fivers or seven to niners or as my boyfriend likes to call them, "lemmings".  And every day I will wake up and take off my comfy wonderful soft pajamas and put on my monkey suit.

So until then.  Pajamas all day and night for me.

bugs and such

I've always been afraid of bugs. But let me paint a full picture here - I'm no scaredy cat baby or anything. There are many things that I'm not afraid of... snakes, mice, frogs, rats, skydiving, motorcycling... so don't go judging me until you completely understand that it is JUST bugs. I'm deathly afraid of bugs. 

I remember when I was a kid, I went to this camp... and there were these kids that would catch those daddy-long-leg spiders, pull all the legs off one by one, watch the dismembered legs wiggle around, and then squash the round little body with their thumb. Ugh how I loathed those kids. I would watch out of the corner of my eye and scream inside. I remember during mayfly season, the mayflies would reproduce overnight like rabbits, and in the morning they'd be covering the dining hall steps like a fuzzy 60's carpet. The counsellors would sweep them with a broom into huge piles just so that the kids could get in for breakfast. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of.

I've recently been battling with my phobic fear of cockroaches. I just moved out of an apartment where I had an infestation, like in that old movie Joe's Apartment. Now I live with my boyfriend (aka cockroach killer) and to my dismay, have discovered that we have intelligent roaches. They ONLY come out when my boyfriend isn't home. They smell fear. They know I'm alone. I'm so afraid of them I can't even kill them. I can't get close enough. So when they come out, I'm paralyzed with fear and I just watch them running around like they own the place. Isn't that demented? They are smaller than my hand... and I'M scared of THEM.

So, I'm currently perched up on a high stool, hiding from two roaches I saw in my bedroom. I'll likely not sleep in there tonight. They've claimed the bedroom, so they can have it. I'm tired and I'd like to go to bed but I know that I'll remain perched on this chair until I finally resign myself to sleeping on the couch.

When I have kids, I hope that they play outside enough that they don't develop this ridiculous debilitating fear of such teeny tiny beings.

Blodoq. Blodog? Blowdawg? BlubBlub?

I've had a few musings about whether or not Blodoq is too hard of a name for children (and some adults believe it or not) to pronounce.

Unfortunately, I'm fairly attached so I'm biased. 

I like where the name came from (my best friend Ellen and her husband Will's joke name for their unborn child - if a boy).

I like that when I wrote the first book for Ellen's unborn baby, I had to ask Ellen if:
a) Blodoq was a bad word 
    (answer: "how dare you say our baby's name is a bad word") and 
b) what the correct spelling was 
    (answer: "the traditional spelling, as Will likes to say")

So... is it too hard to pronounce? Will it be too confusing for kids? Any more or less confusing than Snuffalupagus? Gargamel and Azriel? Mufasa? Heathcliff?  Any other strangely-named but beloved children's character?

somewhat... paralyzed...

I'm feeling somewhat paralyzed today.

It's 11am and I feel like I should have done a lot more than I have.
But I'm sitting here, with what feels like a million things to do on my "todo" list and I can't seem to figure out where to start. I haven't even eaten breakfast.

I have a job interview tomorrow. So I should be prepping for that. I mean... I need a job. Bread and butter, right? Oh Blodoq, how I would love for you to make me my bread and butter... but you don't. So off into the real world I go... 

I want to go make some prints of the book... a few people have asked me for some. So I should be doing that. 

I should be figuring out what web hosting service to use for and I should be building the website. I need a website, I can't mooch off of facebook forever. Right?

I need to start drawing the third book. I'm thinking... "Blodoq and Sammy's First Sleepover". I can already see the pics in my head... so cute!

I need to make a version of the book for my besty's sister's kid... because he's scared of the wormy page. Haha how cute is that? He was sad for the wormy's ruined home. But he loved the book. But he made his mom rip out the wormy pages. HAHA! Kids are so adorable. So I want to take the wormy out for him...

I need to (sadly) sell my motorcycle. You know anyone who wants one? It's a red 2002 Honda CBR F4i. Great shape. The truth is... my unemployment (and neurosis) have stunted my ability to do things that don't count as "productive" so... I haven't been riding it enough, but am still paying out the rear for parking (ugh nyc). So. Bye bye motorcycle. For now... someone will be prying it from my tightly gripped fists...

I need to eat breakfast. But I'm not at home so that means I have to go outside. But I'm in nyc... so... I don't have to go far... but I can't. Because I'm feeling...



do you know me?

So I spent almost the entire day trying to get Sammy's look to be consistent. I've decided that his cutest proportions are 3 parts head, 1 and a third parts tshirt, 1 and a third part pants, and 1 part legs/feet. My little Sammy recipe.

I went back and forth editing the pictures this way and that way, trying to decide what looked cutest. No small feat believe me. Partly because I'm neurotic (so says my boyfriend) and partly because I want this book to look right. And I want the characters to be recognizable. Blodoq's easy.. he's a weird striped sock monkey with big white happy eyes and a cute red nose. You recognize him every time. But the kid... ah the kid. An orange shirt, jean shpants, and a bulbous bald head. It could be charlie brown with a different outfit for christs sake. But it's not charlie, it's sammy... so I needed to make sure that I created a consistent... recognizable... look for the little guy.

Let's see how that goes. If you saw him on the street, would you recognize him?