Blodoq. Blodog? Blowdawg? BlubBlub?

I've had a few musings about whether or not Blodoq is too hard of a name for children (and some adults believe it or not) to pronounce.

Unfortunately, I'm fairly attached so I'm biased. 

I like where the name came from (my best friend Ellen and her husband Will's joke name for their unborn child - if a boy).

I like that when I wrote the first book for Ellen's unborn baby, I had to ask Ellen if:
a) Blodoq was a bad word 
    (answer: "how dare you say our baby's name is a bad word") and 
b) what the correct spelling was 
    (answer: "the traditional spelling, as Will likes to say")

So... is it too hard to pronounce? Will it be too confusing for kids? Any more or less confusing than Snuffalupagus? Gargamel and Azriel? Mufasa? Heathcliff?  Any other strangely-named but beloved children's character?