bugs and such

I've always been afraid of bugs. But let me paint a full picture here - I'm no scaredy cat baby or anything. There are many things that I'm not afraid of... snakes, mice, frogs, rats, skydiving, motorcycling... so don't go judging me until you completely understand that it is JUST bugs. I'm deathly afraid of bugs. 

I remember when I was a kid, I went to this camp... and there were these kids that would catch those daddy-long-leg spiders, pull all the legs off one by one, watch the dismembered legs wiggle around, and then squash the round little body with their thumb. Ugh how I loathed those kids. I would watch out of the corner of my eye and scream inside. I remember during mayfly season, the mayflies would reproduce overnight like rabbits, and in the morning they'd be covering the dining hall steps like a fuzzy 60's carpet. The counsellors would sweep them with a broom into huge piles just so that the kids could get in for breakfast. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of.

I've recently been battling with my phobic fear of cockroaches. I just moved out of an apartment where I had an infestation, like in that old movie Joe's Apartment. Now I live with my boyfriend (aka cockroach killer) and to my dismay, have discovered that we have intelligent roaches. They ONLY come out when my boyfriend isn't home. They smell fear. They know I'm alone. I'm so afraid of them I can't even kill them. I can't get close enough. So when they come out, I'm paralyzed with fear and I just watch them running around like they own the place. Isn't that demented? They are smaller than my hand... and I'M scared of THEM.

So, I'm currently perched up on a high stool, hiding from two roaches I saw in my bedroom. I'll likely not sleep in there tonight. They've claimed the bedroom, so they can have it. I'm tired and I'd like to go to bed but I know that I'll remain perched on this chair until I finally resign myself to sleeping on the couch.

When I have kids, I hope that they play outside enough that they don't develop this ridiculous debilitating fear of such teeny tiny beings.