do you know me?

So I spent almost the entire day trying to get Sammy's look to be consistent. I've decided that his cutest proportions are 3 parts head, 1 and a third parts tshirt, 1 and a third part pants, and 1 part legs/feet. My little Sammy recipe.

I went back and forth editing the pictures this way and that way, trying to decide what looked cutest. No small feat believe me. Partly because I'm neurotic (so says my boyfriend) and partly because I want this book to look right. And I want the characters to be recognizable. Blodoq's easy.. he's a weird striped sock monkey with big white happy eyes and a cute red nose. You recognize him every time. But the kid... ah the kid. An orange shirt, jean shpants, and a bulbous bald head. It could be charlie brown with a different outfit for christs sake. But it's not charlie, it's sammy... so I needed to make sure that I created a consistent... recognizable... look for the little guy.

Let's see how that goes. If you saw him on the street, would you recognize him?