Yesterday my boyfriend was making fun of me for wearing my pajamas all day.  But seriously.... what's the big deal?  I mean... I'm unemployed, and I sit in this chair and draw all day.  If I leave the house, THEN I change my clothes (you can't wear your pajamas outside ewie).  But sometimes I don't leave the house.  Sometimes I become so consumed with drawing that I just eat and draw like as if this were my office and I had to sit at my desk for 8 hours until I go home.  So really... truthfully... aren't my pajamas kind of like my work uniform?

He said that even when he's not working (he's a freelancer), *HE* still changes into day clothes.  But that doesn't count 'cause... guys sleep in just boxers and that's that.  So when he gets up, he puts on his comfy clothes: some basketball shorts and a tshirt and VOILA.  "New" clothes.  But I mean.. I wake up and I'm ALREADY in my comfy clothes.  And.. am I supposed to take OFF my comfy clothes to put on other VERY SIMILAR comfy clothes?

I think that society says that the answer to this question is yes.

So.  To appease society.  And do what's "right".  I've changed into what *I* call my "day pajamas".  Which look eerily similar to my "night pajamas".

Y'know what.  It is likely that eventually I will rejoin the world of nine to fivers or seven to niners or as my boyfriend likes to call them, "lemmings".  And every day I will wake up and take off my comfy wonderful soft pajamas and put on my monkey suit.

So until then.  Pajamas all day and night for me.