Blodoq and Sammy get into some mischief as they try and build a fort in their backyard.  At the end of their adventure, the mischievous duo learns that all it takes is some good ol' fashioned imagination to help make their grandiose plans a reality.

This book was inspired by the hours that I spent in my backyard playing with a stick and some rocks, and the endless possibilities of a large cardboard box.  


Blodoq and Sammy are stuck inside on a rainy day... and decide to invite all their friends over for a sleepover!
Each friend brings their favorite activity to play, and Blodoq and Sammy learn that liking different things can be fun!

This book was inspired by our ever-shrinking world that our kids are growing up in, and the diversity that we encounter and embrace every day.


This is the next work in progress...

Blodoq and Sammy are riding the subway to the zoo!  Their wild imaginations make for quite an interesting trip.

This book is meant for a younger audience, and teaches counting, animals, and reminds me of a time when we didn't have handheld devices to entertain us on long trips.